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Agile Production Management Platform

  • 敏捷制造管理平台



     Objectives of agile manufacturing are summarized as follows: to integrate flexible production technologies, labor forces with techniques and skills, and flexible management which can promote cooperation within departments of enterprise and among enterprises, accordingly fast responding to changeable market “snowball” and market reality on the basis of common foundation architecture mentioned above. Its basic elements are production technologies, management and human resources.


      Everybody in agile manufacturing enterprise should learn that flexibility can convert enterprise into general tool, the application of which only depends on people`s imagination of how to use it to work. Agile manufacturing enterprise is successive developed manufacturing system, the capacity of the system only be limited by people`s imagination, creativity and skills and without being limited by the equipment.


      Essential features of agile manufacturing enterprise are as follows:

      · Agile manufacturing enterprise can launch new products quickly

   · Production system of agile manufacturing enterprise: to establish a new and information intensive manufacturing system by integrating production systems which are able to reprogram, recombine and replace, so that the production costs has nothing to do with batch, i.e. costs for producing ten thousand products with one model is same with that for producing ten thousand products with different models.

    · Organization and personnel of agile manufacturing enterprise: rights are scattered instead of concentrated on a chain of commands; personnel who is capable to use technology in the best manner is the key to solve problems, and staff of the enterprise is the most precious treasures of the enterprise. In order to maintain technological base of personnel, the enterprise should constantly administer and invest, so that users will trust in products of the enterprise during whole life cycle of products.


     3DVFA platform is just tools of informatization platform which are applied on the basis of requirements of agile manufacturing, personnel training, and production system optimization and information communication among enterprise organizations.