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Audio and Video Dynamic Rescarching Tagging Module

  • 可视化语音视频采集及管理系统



      Video surveillance areas cover the factory, workshop and office building, and can monitor key passageways, stations and channels in real-time. Network storage VCR can coordinate with network camera to realize access, storage, playback and management of surveillance videos through IP network.

      Audio scheduling system can realize network interconnection among NGN, fixed telephone, mobile phone and talkback radio through IP, E1/T1, GSM/CDMA, E&M and so on, and achieve communication with traditional communication networks, PSTN users and existing talkback systems.
      · Audio schedule
      · Cluster talkback
      · Video surveillance
      · Literal order
      · Group meeting
      · Cooperative scheduling
      · Data logging storage
      · Dynamic group management
      · User hierarchical authority
      · Terminal state indication
      · Functions of public address and broadcasting