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3D Visualization Process Management System

  • 三维可视流程管理系统



3D visual process management system is a comprehensive application system which is mainly used for productive process, equipment operating process, equipment repair process, equipment maintenance process, equipment routine inspect/point inspection process etc… It will present information of events of each node in the processes for formulation, implementation, supervision and assessment of processes.
Procedures for optimizing system through process simulation software are as follows: firstly, to establish a computerized virtual simulation model for real business system, and then carry out perspective analysis and scene deduction, dynamic statistic against simulation model and produce virtual animation of simulation model, so that managers and decision-makers can understand the performance of business system visually and accurately so as to choose best solution.  
Process system simulation is simulation software integrated by visualized general interaction, which better resolved the organic integration of computer simulation and visualization, and possessed usability of senior simulator and flexibility of special simulation language. It is integrated simulation software, its roles for logistics are as follows:
· To conduct equipment layout and realize visualization and simulation of    workpiece processing track during production
· To predict and analyze production program, inventory management, production control and product market during production management.
· In respect of production value analysis, it analyzes economical efficiency and risks of production system so as to improve production, reduce costs or support enterprise investment decision making; simulation, simulation forum, simulation software, logistics simulation, supply chain simulation, production simulation, system simulation, process.
· It can realize visualized simulation optimization of enterprise process reproduction, and realize visualized simulation decision making of agile supply chain management.