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3D Viusalization Spare Parts Management

  • 三维可视零备件管理系统



3D visual management system for spare parts can foreknow inventory, ordering cycle and expected service life of spare parts, so that it can effectively guide production and avoid extension of non-production hours due to wait for parts. The establishment of spare parts database facilitates to inquiry relevant information of certain spare part in real-time, including usage history, and statuses of maintenance, replacement and retirement etc. so as to realize whole life cycle assessment and management of overall running status of equipment and its spare parts.
Objectives of management of equipment and its spare parts can be realized:
· The establishment of 3D system library of spare parts is conducive to retrieve information, reduce personal inquiry and determination, and avoid poor communication.
· Look up records of operation, repair and maintenance of the equipment visually, so that users may fast and accurately understand the conditions of the equipment.
· Establish spare parts library, inquiry inventory condition and order as required, save time, and set inventory as required.