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3D Visualization Manufacturing Management System

  • 三维可视生产管理系统



With regard to issues related to production management, the system, by employing visualization technology and 3D spatial simulation reality technology, can realize visualization of status and condition of production spot, achieve quick information sharing and effective communication between commander and operators, and collect and record original data of each part under the circumstance of a mass of people cooperating to fulfill non-standard task, and then establish visual expression way in forms of graphs and images on the basis of 3D visualization and virtual reality. It arms at grasping order and its giving and progresses in time, making adjustment on order pursuant to its status dynamically, and the supervising its implementation and management. It arms at realizing dynamic cooperation and guidance based on status and making favorable decision against different standards, specifications, mechanism and circumstance. 
Objectives of production management can be realized:
· Collect, analyze and process relevant data, rationally and scientifically allocate personnel and posts, and increase production efficiency. Real-time monitoring and timely dispatch of vacant tools, instruments and equipment of each team or group to realize effective utilization of resources. 
· Real-time positioning and tracking of personnel will effectively reduce invalid walking time of personnel so as to minimize non-production hours. Real-time visualized management is to analyze and assess working pattern and efficiency of employees, and then carry out targeted training.
· Collect field data, analyze excessive quantity of work, and give out warning signal.
· Group status and working progress of personnel are visual. Coordination and response contents of personnel are clear, and the actions are unified. Guide on single operation task, working contents are clear, tracking guidance on working process, and functional skills and task indexes of personnel are visual.