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Visualization Facilities Installization Management

  • 三维可视设备安装管理系统



In order to examine the feasibility of construction scheme or optimize the construction scheme, it can simulate the whole construction process or key process before construction through virtual simulation; in order to control quality and ensure construction safety, it can carry out computer simulation test to important structures to analyze factors that impact project safety; to make construction design schedule and actual image schedule visual. These application will largely improve implementation effects and management efficiency of construction project.
3DVFA can achieve installation and schedule management during the implementation of factory construction project. For example, on the platform, it can visually display the installed parts, uninstalled parts and parts under installing of production line, and display the beginning and ending time of installation of single equipment or certain line in accordance with installation progress of actual equipment.
Accumulation of above statistical data will guide engineering construction in the future. At the same time, the platform will provide construction partners with a better place for communication and management.