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Electronic Business

  • 三维交互式电子商务



Large amounts of information spreads rapidly via internet. E-commerce is quietly rose due to fast flow of information and mass integration of resources, which can better display product and achieve interaction by employing 3D visualization and virtual reality technology, so that users feel as if they are in the scene. For instance: virtual interactive fitting mirror, virtual automobile interactive display and operation, online display and exhibition, house-viewing online, visualized management of road, bridge and pipeline and other fields, all of these are impacting the rapid development of e-commerce and fast flow of information. Modern technologies focus on e-commerce and concentrate on building true 3D e-commerce platform to realize electronic trading activities which are audio-visual integration and human-computer interaction. 3D virtual reality platform is specific consuming place of 3D e-commerce, of which customized way of entertainment and multimedia form give customers brand new experience of virtual activities.
· 3D visualization and virtual reality . enterprise publicity
· 3D visualization and virtual reality. 3D virtual e-shop
· 3D visualization and virtual reality. Product marketing
· 3D visualization and virtual reality. Order service
· 3D visualization and virtual reality. After-sale service
· 3D visualization and virtual reality. instruction