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Medical and Life Science



It assists to make preparations for medical operations by 3D visualization and virtual reality system, and creates a simulated way for learning and training through simulating environment and operation. By resorting to information in virtual environment, it will design and train for the surgery, and guide the emerging disciplines of surgery in actual operative process. It broke through boundaries of space and time for traditional experimental teaching. It will provide students` with vivid diagnostics experiment and training, and is of importance to arouse students` enthusiasm of learning and realize rapid development of experimental teaching. At the same time, it can help students customize surgery plan rationally and quantitatively, and assist students to choose the best surgical approach, so as to reduce surgical injury, mitigate tissue damages, improve positional accuracy of nidus, and improve success rate of operation.
It will help people understand state of the illness, nidus, principle and mechanism, and learn healthy recovery methods. It will form 3D visualized virtual lesson, so that students can understand medical and healthy contents, and composition and structure of human body profoundly. 
· 3D visualization and virtual reality . teaching of aerobics exercises
· 3D visualization and virtual reality . virtual surgery
· 3D visualization and virtual reality . virtual anatomy
· 3D visualization and virtual reality . virtual lesson and training
· 3D visualization and virtual reality . assistant for healthy lecture
· 3D visualization and virtual reality . explanation of case of illness and nidus
· 3D visualization and virtual reality . test and determination of surgery plan