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3D Visualization Enterprise Management Orgnization

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  • 可视化企业市场推广
  • 可视化企业市场推广



There are two basic opposite modes in enterprise management modes: pyramid mode and flat mode.


Pyramid management concept: decision-maker is at the top, authority is passed down from top to bottom, and lower levels are accountable to upper levels. This kind of management is decision-maker-centered, the rights are relatively concentrated, delivery method of the management is to report to the top layer upon layer and to pass down level upon level, and it needs a lot of middle managerial personnel to manage and supervise on site.


Flat management concept: cut down management levels, most roles of middle and lower management levels are superseded to reduce information loss during delivering, rights are simplified, communication within the enterprise becomes easy and unimpeded, mitigate conflicts among departments, improve management efficiency, reduce management costs, and give the fullest play to front-line staff. 


Management of manufacturing enterprise is presenting the following tendencies: development from pyramid bureaucratic management to flat management, enterprise scale is no longer decisive factor of the enterprise`s final destination, flexibility and adaptability will become critical factors which determine the competitiveness of enterprise in the market, traditional “pyramid management” is converting to “total management”; management is changing from extensive to intensive and fine, particle degree of management is lessening, management of manufacturing industry is changing from assistant operation to innovative operation. Informatization played a decisive effect for the change of management, and the development of information technology strongly supported the change. During different links and stages and in different aspects of its production, marketing and management, the enterprise set higher demands for the instantaneity of cooperation, and timeliness, accuracy and scope of application are undergoing qualitative changes.


3DVFA platform arms at offering visualization tools for enterprise to advance the progress of informatization and improve management and communication efficiencies in each link.