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Visualization Factory Construction Proposal

  • 可视化(数字化)工厂建设方案
  • 可视化(数字化)工厂建设方案



    Digitization, lean-oriented, extramalization, automation, networked, intelligent and green manufacturing will become new tendencies for enterprise development and keeping the core competitiveness of enterprise. In China, industries are moving from manual production to massive industrial production and then toward virtual reality industrial production integrated the eight features above.

Therefore, large amounts of data, information and knowledge need to be processed and be shared by personnel who worked together. In the past decades, information processing had passed digital stage in which the main goal was to realize data storage, and has stepped into network information age in which the goal is to share information. However, under such massive information and increasing requirements of efficiency and accuracy, existing information systems and decision making modes, in many aspects, cannot help working personnel and enterprise decision-makers realize the goals of information sharing, high-efficient cooperation and correct decision making. 
    In order to fast response to market requirements, highlight core competitiveness of enterprise, occupy or maintain the leading position in market, enterprises around the world are implementing whole life cycle general management of project, including not only the project itself, but also whole life cycle management of product and equipment. During the management, communication, sharing and coordination of mass dynamic data, information and knowledge are basic guarantees for realizing whole life cycle management of project.
       A general platform or unified interface which can collect, coordinate, analyze, quantify and compare complete information, and can realize integration of each subsystem, will allow all participant to operate relevant contents they are in charge of on the platform. Moreover, the platform can resolve the problem that how to present information to enable it be cognized high efficiently and accurately. In addition, the platform is a general management system provides enterprise decision-makers with new functions to realize dynamic decision making support on the basis of tendency analysis and dynamic adjustment of weights, which now is the urgent need for enterprise. Therefore, the system is required to be built based on standardization, visualization and intelligence, it should be 3D and readable, and able to display correlative information and highlight key elements, so as to realize visualized factory management, visualized data mining technology and visualized intelligent decision making support. Scientific general management system on the basis of visualization has been the only approach for enterprise to move from fast decision making into intelligent lean production, which predicts that age of information visualization is coming and it will stride forward to intelligence.



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