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Culture Industry

  • 楼宇空间利用



It will create culture-centered virtual experience platform for digital exhibition halls, museums, cultural relics and historic sites, and scenery tourism, which will allow viewers visually understand via visualized introduction, and present vivid and original appearance of cultural relics with the characteristics of 3D stereo, animated, plane and consecutive. It can present all objects without limitation of space and time, and enable viewers to directly view and research, accordingly people are interest in visiting.


· 3D visualization and virtual reality . museum

· 3D visualization and virtual reality . recovery of cultural relics and historic sites, and interactive display of the process of renovation

· 3D visualization and virtual reality . multimedia stereo projection display


It can build 3D or model database of cultural relic entities by resorting to virtual reality and network technologies, and image data collection means, preserve important resources like various pattern data and special relations of cultural relics, thereby realizing scientific, high-precision and permanent preservation of endangered cultural relics. It improves precision of cultural relic recovery, determines and chooses protective means in advance, and reduce time limit for the recovery at the same time. It integrates and collects cultural relic resources at a large range, and widely displays the cultural relics comprehensively, vividly and lively on internet through virtual technologies, so that cultural relics are out of geographic restrictions, realize resource sharing, and become cultural heritage owned by all mankind.



· Propel industry of cultural relics and museum into the information age quickly, and realize modernization of display and protection of cultural relics

· 3D simulation of cultural relics

· Recovery of historic sites

· Virtual roaming around historic sites

· Improve display effects and protective means for cultural relics