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Professional Education and University Education

  • 高校教育



The system makes images and words of traditional courseware for principle teaching into the form of dynamic 3D, so that the courseware is no longer boring and stereotyped, and it will arouse the enthusiasm of students and improve the quality of teaching. The system increased dynamic teaching and simulated complex and high risk operation and experimental course. Students` operations will be simple and direct via virtual operating.



· 3D virtual display is conducive to explore potential of colleges and universities

· 3D visualization and virtual reality working process of devices makes “always new” experiment and training base possible   

· Complete display of equipment composition and structure will advance construction of digitalized teaching

· Realize virtual anatomy and develop virtual teaching


Virtual visualization technology applied for college teaching has a profound influence on exploring and developing modern educational thoughts, increasing levels of educational technology, improving experimental and training environments, optimizing teaching process and cultivating talents with innovative consciousness and ability, and is conducive to the problems the experiment is invisible, untouchable, inaccessible and its place is dangerous.