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  • 教育培训及商业推广



      3D visualization and virtual reality education and training is to use 3D visualization and virtual reality technologies to simulate and explain teaching scene, and allow students to participate in the teaching activities visually to better learn relevant skills. It makes boring tables, numbers, procedures, surgery and installation process etc. vivid and interesting. By virtual experiment, it can put numerous knowledge points together in a coherent manner, namely summarizing and systematizing the knowledge, so as to improve quality of education and training and reduce costs. 



      · Contents of education and training are visualized

      · Create and enhance interaction during learning

      · Strong immersion and authenticity

      · Point at existing issues of current education and training

      · Teaching courseware lacks of digital education mode, experiment teaching is just a formality and lacks of interaction

     · Professional training extension ignores the type of work of high risk, lacks of effective training place, and single use of multimedia classroom

    · Teaching exploration and resource sharing is still limited to classroom teaching, exclusive teaching resources, inadequate experiment equipment, backward model, hard to renew and replace to keep up with scientific development


      3D system will realize:

      · Realize digital education and virtual courseware

      · Experiential professional training extension

      ·  Visualized resource sharing propel educational reform


    It comprehensively applies multimedia technology, virtual visualization technology and network technology, gives full play to the characteristics of integrity, control performance and interactivity of virtual visualization technology. To experience and feel personally are much more convincing than empty and abstract preaching. Initiative interaction is different form passive view in nature. Experts in education point out that: new technology brings new educational thought which bringing a series of significant changes to education, especially it is widely used for scientific research, virtual simulation, virtual teaching, virtual experiment, education and entertainment.




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