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Manufacturing Enterprises

  • 生产企业



We provide kinds of manufacturing enterprises with 3D visualization and virtual reality digital factory solution, which proceeds from and deepens into whole life cycle management of project to realize fine manufacturing and maintenance and build agile manufacturing informationized enterprise.
· 3D visualization and virtual reality planning and designing system
· 3D visual interactive management system for equipment production
· 3D visual management system for equipment installation
· 3D visual production management system
· 3D visual management system for equipment operation
· 3D visual management system for spare parts
· 3D visual management system for personnel collaborative working
· 3D visual process management system
· Management system for multimedia data
· 3D visual monitoring system for equipment status
· 3D visual management system for storage or inventory
· 3D visual logistics management
· 3D visualization and virtual reality monitoring and scheduling system for interactive operation between personnel and equipment
· Visualized large screen and multi-screen displays and control system
· Visualized collection and management systems of voice and video
· Management and evaluation system of vibration monitoring and equipment overall visualization 
· Interaction system of wired/wireless voice and video
· Process optimization module
· Visualized reporting system for data mining and analysis 
· Various visualized pre-arranged plan creating and preview, and real-time scheduling and monitoring system
· 3D interactive e-commerce platform



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