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3D VizVR Factory Management

  • 可视化工厂管理


3D technologies of simulation and virtual reality promote field management, development and construction of enterprise`s digitalized factory. Manufacturing technology has changed from physical manufacturing to information manufacturing, the value of knowledge information in product accounts for a larger proportion. Data generated during manufacturing is digitalized and processed by new manufacturing concept and system to create relevant information which is storage and exchanged in manufacturing system and is directly applied for management and control during production, and accordingly improving the intelligence of manufacturing system.


A visual management platform which can be integrated, commonly used and realized hereby is created, VFA developed following systems for enterprise field management:

· 3D visualization and virtual reality equipment management

· 3D visualization and virtual reality production management

· 3D visualization and virtual reality installation and construction management

· 3D visualization and virtual reality safety management

· 3D visualization and virtual reality schedule management




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