Visualization Products & Service

  • 可视化产品及服务
  • 可视化产品及服务
  • 可视化产品及服务

        Beijing Visual Factory Architecture Co., Ltd (VFA) will support digitalization and informatization constructions of the enterprise at all stages and aspects of its development by visualization techniques. We will provide enterprise with powerful guarantee for its promotion, development, production, operation and management, and offer products and services fitting in with stages and features of the enterprise.


3D visualization and virtual reality modelling service

3D visualization and virtual reality picture and sample producing

3D visualization and virtual reality animation and video producing

Component model

3D cross section

Enterprise image publicity film

Equipment model

3D perspective drawing

3D animation of productive technology

Virtual production line

3D structure drawing

3D demo animation of operating principle of equipment

Virtual factory

Display drawing of principle of explosion

3D demo animation of safe operation


Display drawing of 3D technology

3D animation of production regulations


3D layout

3D display animation planning and designing proposal


Production of visual sample

3D display animation of product


Product and functional module of 3D visualization and virtual reality platform

Consulting and training services for visualization construction of enterprise information

3D visualization and virtual reality customized development of digital factory architecture

Consultation or customization for feasibility study report on implementation of enterprise informatization

Establishment of 3D model library

Consultation or customization for establishment proposal on enterprise informatization project

Development of interface linking to existing management and control systems (ERP, MES, MIS...)

Supporting assessment of visualization project

Point-and-click in 3D space

Supporting review of enterprise visualization project

Large-screen, multi-screen and multi-window control

Providing consulting service or providing technical requirements and indexes for visualization project implementation

Management of multimedia database

Assisting or supporting to analysis report on visualization project benefits

3D visual data report

Technical or application training of information visualization

Analytical statement of visual data mining


Management and consulting services of 3D visual process optimization


Position of 3Dtrack of staff and equipment movement


Coordinating, monitoring and scheduling module of staff interaction and their control of equipment in 3D space


Collection of multimedia information and dynamic addition and management of retrieval mark


Vibration monitoring and visual management and assessment system of overall equipment


Wired and wireless communication on work site


Creation and preview of various plans


Kinds of training and monitoring systems of real-time scheduling




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