Target Industry Fields

  • 商业
  • 教育培训
  • 港口
  • 电力



      Beijing VFA pays high attention to the development of industrialization, the company engages in the establishment, development and integration of enterprise visualized comprehensive management platform, and closely cooperates with many industries and fields, such as port, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, food, beverage processing, daily use chemical and electric power. The company arms at improving informationalized communication transmission channels to create social and economic values by application, integration and development of contents of industrial automation, intelligence, visualization and project management.




Manufacturing enterprise

Education and training, and business promotion

Port logistics

Higher education

Mine and cement

Professional and customized training

Oil and gas, and pipeline

Enterprise publicity and customized education

Chemical and petrochemical

Enterprise pre-arranged plan preview

Daily use chemical


Metallurgy, nonferrous metals

General equipment manufacturer


Special equipment manufacturer

Food, beverage

Component manufacturer

Municipal services

General integrator

Airport and airport logistics



Applicable to more industries

Electric power and electric network

Construction industry

Maintenance service

Culture industry

Automobile making

Scientific research and popularization of science


Medical treatment and health

Traffic control

Agriculture and forestry

Fire protection and disaster reduction

3D interactive e-commerce



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