Visualization Enterprise Construction Proposal

  • 可视化企业建设方案



The construction of 3D visualization and virtual reality digital enterprise platform (hereinafter referred to as 3DVFA platform) is a systemized, networked, integrated, informationized and graphical system engineering. The greatest technological advantage of 3DVFA is that graphical information organization and expression ways of information correspond more closely to people`s cognitive habits and economy principle of cognition, information expression is visual and vivid, and backgrounds and links between upstream and downstream of information are clear. It will be a system engineering deep integrated resources and based on enterprise`s existing system.


Implementation structure of current scientific management method has subdivided, simplified and standardized the work, so that everyone must and can do things in accordance with the standard, which means that it only lays emphasis on technicality the work involved, and ignores the sociality and spirituality of people, consequently it is unfavorable for giving full play to people`s activity and creativity, and motivating people`s desire of continuous progress; if only paying attention to individual worked efficiency, and emphasize improvement and optimization of individual working method, but ignore the importance of team work and group coordination, it will lead to inconsistent working between departments and procedures, and is bad for improving overall efficiency of the enterprise. Actually, from the viewpoint of philosophy, there is no static optimal method, every method can be improved, and external environment is changing, so that working method should change accordingly.


Overall objective of visualized enterprise construction is to create an enterprise platform which integrated and developed various functional modules as supplements for enterprise operational management and playing a role in many links of enterprise operation, such as management, control, learning, improvement and optimization etc…


Each existing information system of the enterprise is integrated into this platform so as to form general view of enterprise management, combine critical data within the enterprise, and unclog the backgrounds and links of each piece of information to make it methodized, so that enterprise`s decision-makers at all levels can be at ease in the process of enterprise operational management, thereby improving management efficiency and reducing management costs.




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